20th Anniversary of Geocoins 4 Trackable Set

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We are celebrating 20 Years of Geocoins! 

Way back in 2001, the first-ever geocoin was placed in a geocache sitting above Puget Sound, near Deception Pass in Washington State. 

It was an outing by geocaching pioneers Moun10Bike and Jeremy to celebrate Moun10Bike's 100th find.  After climbing a questionably sturdy, and unquestionably high ladder to get the find, they each placed a trackable.  Jeremy placed an unactivated Travel Bug for someone to find, and Moun10Bike placed a new kind of trackable in the cache:  the first-ever geocoin to go into circulation (Moun10Bike number 002). 

This now archived geocache, Light House Point, was a challenging way to celebrate this special milestone, and on that day Moun10Bike changed the game of geocaching forever. 

Since then, geocoins have become one of the most creative and inspirational parts of this great game, and we are happy to celebrate 20 years of trackable fun and amazing designs!  

This commemorative set of trackables was designed by our very own Roxxy, and is available for a limited time! 


All four items in this set have their own unique tracking code and are trackable at Geocaching.com with a unique icon. 

This set includes one of each: 

  • Trackable 3D geocache container with magnetic lid
  • Moun10Bike replica nano geocoin/charm
  • Ladder nano geocoin/charm
  • Lighthouse nano geocoin/charm


  • Geocache container:  Approximately 1.875 inches wide x 1.5 inches deep and an internal height of 0.875 inches.
  • Moun10Bike nano: Approximately 0.5625 inches in diameter.
  • Ladder nano: Approximately 1 inch x .25 inches.
  • Lighthouse nano: Approximately 0.375 inches x 0.875 inches. 


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