Egg geocache container

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What came first, the rubber chicken or the rubber egg?

Get ready to egg-cite geocachers with these devious finds. These eggs are a durable rubber on the outside, and include a nano container already in place,  making them ready to hide! 

They use a standard Rite in the Rain® waterproof nano logstrip, and the first one is included! 

Get more favorite points with the egg-celent egg geocache containers! 

Make sure to use best practices when placing these unique geocaches. 

Some features of these unique geocaching containers: 

  • Egg is made of durable rubber
  • Nano tube included
  • Waterproof logstrip included
  • Made in the U.K.

Dimensions:  Approximately 1.6 inches in diameter x 2.25 inches tall. 

These devious cache containers are created by our friends at NE Geocaching Supplies. 

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