Official Geocaching Rite in the Rain® 3 x 5 Top Spiral Logbook

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These custom designed logbooks will make finding even better!

This Rite in the Rain® Logbook features the tear resistant, water resistant, muggle resistant paper that you need if you want to get the favorite points flowing. No one likes a wet and soggy log, but with this paper just use a pencil or all weather pen they can sign even in the middle of a fountain!*

*Please note, this does not mean that in the middle of a fountain is a good place to hide a geocache.

For best results: 

Wet or Dry paper:

  • All pencils
  • All weather pens (such as a Space Pen®)
  • Wax markers
  • Crayons
Dry Only: 
  • Permanent Markers
  • Standard Ballpoints
  • A key (metal does really work, but we only suggest this if you forgot your pen or pencil)

The Specs:

  • Approximately 3 inches x 5 inches
  • Heavy Duty Spiral Top
  • 50 Log sheets with Rite in the Rain paper 
  • Custom designed durable PolyDura cover
  • Front cover features the Official Geocaching logo along with places to enter cache information
  • Back cover features Geocaching Ettiquette information
  • Made in the USA
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