Official Geocache Hide-a-Key Cache Container

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The key to a great hide! 

These custom re-purposed hide-a-key containers are both versatile and ready to hide on almost any surface! 

  • Pre-printed with "Official Geocache" and the official Geocaching logo
  • Rite in the Rain® waterproof micro log strips are included (five strips)
  • Magnets in place for easy placement
  • Not going on metal? No problem! A metal plate with a 3M® adhesive backing is included to make any location ready for magnets! 

These Official Geocache containers are ready to hide almost anywhere!

Dimensions: Approximately 3 inches x 1.75 inches, 0.625 inches high. 

Waterproof log strips and a metal plate with adhesive backing are included.

Please note: These hide-a-key kits are different dimensions and have different features than previous versions. 

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