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What is geocaching really? It is a hunt for that hidden item. It is the thrill of the search and the smilie of the find. But how does all this happen? It is all about the Makers. This game lives and grows because of those of you who put in the effort to place more than 3 million smilie opportunities all over this planet.

At Shop Geocaching, we always want to be the best resource that we can to all of you that make this game what it is. With that in mind, we have put together some items that we hope will help you get the favorite points that you deserve. This kit has items for the inside and the outside of your next hides, or just to spruce up the ones you already have!

This extensive kit includes many items to improve, maintain or create your cache.  From magnetic strips to velcro to zip ties to a fine tip paint marker to heavy duty log bags and so much more you can get creative with your hides and start seeing the favorite points add up! 

The Maker Kit includes:

  • 2 Small Official Geocaching All Weather Vinyl Cache Labels (green camo)
  • 1 Medium Official Geocaching Cache Label
  • 1 Large Official Geocaching Cache Label
  • 1 XL Official Geocaching Cache Label
  • 1 Small All Weather RITR® Log Books
  • 4 small Official Geocaching pencils
  • 5 All Weather RITR® Micro Log Strips
  • 5 All Weather RITR® Nano Log Strips
  • 5 All Weather RITR® Double Wide Log Strips
  • 1 Fine Tip Paint Marker- Black
  • 1 Geocaching Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 Geocaching Stencil
  • 5 Four inch nylon zip ties- clear
  • 5 Four inch nylon zip ties- black
  • 5 Eight inch nylon zip ties- clear
  • 5 Eight inch nylon zip ties- black
  • 10 Small Two Mil Reclosable Bags- 2 inches x 2 inches
  • 5 Small Two Mil Reclosable Bags- 3 inches x 3 inches
  • 10 Sets- Velcro Brand 1/2 inch Tape Dots- Black
  • 1 Strip of magnetic tape-  1 foot long x 1/2 inch wide
  • 2 Heavy Duty 8 Mil Vinyl Reclosable Bags with hang hole (Water proof, weather proof, resists punctures and tears)- 3 inches x 5 inches
  • 1 Rubber O-ring 1-3/16" diameter (fits Jumbo Micro Capsule)
  • 2 Rubber O-rings 15/16" diameter (fits Match Box Container)
  • 2 Rubber O-rings 3/4" diameter (fits Bison XL Container)
  • 2 Rubber O-rings 5/8" diameter (fits Micro Capsule)
  • 5 Rubber O-rings 9mm diameter (fits Bison Small Container and Hanging Nano Container)
  • 5 Rubber O-rings 7mm diameter (fits Bison Magna Nano Container)

Is this a new kit?  Don't forget your First To Find prizes. You can see some ideas for those if you click here. 

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