2024 Steampunk Frog Geocoin

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This frog is all geared up for World Frog Day! 

At Shop Geocaching, we celebrate frogs every day, but we wanted a special geocoin for World Frog Day on March 20th!

This impressive design is from our friends at Oakcoins/Geoswag. It has a thickness, weight, and intricate design that truly has to be seen to be appreciated! 


The 2024 Steampunk Frog geocoin is trackable at Geocaching.com with a unique icon. 

This is a product of Oakcoins/Geoswag. 

Dimensions:  Approximately 2 inches in diameter, and more than 1/4 inches thick. 

*Premium Perk valid April 9th to April 15th. See the April 9th edition of The Logbook mailer for details.

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