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FAQ - How to activate Travel Bugs, Geocoins and other Trackables


We receive a lot of questions about activating Travel Bugs, Geocoins, Decals and other "trackables", so we thought we'd help out by writing a specific FAQ on the subject.


What do you need before your start:

- The login details of your account. - Locate the tracking number on each of your trackables. The numbers and letter combinations may be quite small, and hard to read. On some geocoins the tracking code is located on the edge of the coin.

Step 1 - Login to under the account that you want to own the trackables. If you have just one account (most people do !), then login under that account.

Step 2 - Retrieve the activation code for your trackable - sometimes trackables have the activation code printed on the packaging or elsewhere. And sometimes they don't. But that's ok, there is a sure-fire way of retriving the code for each trackable. To retrieve the the activation code for any trackable - visit the activation code retrieval page. Use the tracking code printed on your trackable to retrieve the activation code. lost activation code retrieve

Step 3 - Register the trackable on While logged in to your account visit the Trackable Activation wizard. This process will step you through the activation of your trackable including the trackables description, goal (if any), activation location etc. Activating a trackable

Step 4 - Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each of the trackables you wish to activate !

Step 5 - Place your trackable in a cache. and log that you have dropped it there with your find. A trackable may also just "visit" a cache - it is logged as being with you, but you retain possession of the trackable. To show that a trackable has been dropped into a cache, or visited a cache, use the pull-down menus at the very bottom of your cache log to indicate the activity for each of your trackable items. You can log many trackables at the same time. 

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