Logsheet Roller with trackable charm

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Roll them up! 

For those who love the tiniest of geocaches, but have a little trouble getting the logsheet back in the tube, this is the product for you!  

From our Friends at Landsharkz comes a great solution for tiny hides and tinier log strips.  Made with cotter pins and a colorful bead, they also feature a split ring so that you can use them on your keychain. 

To make these even more fun, we have even added Signal the Frog®!  Each logsheet roller comes with a trackable Signal nano charm, so you can dip your way from one nano to the next! 

The Logsheet Roller comes with a Signal the Frog® nano charm that is trackable at Geocaching.com. 

The logsheet roller is a product of our friends at Landsharkz.  The roller has a colorful bead, and the bead color does vary. 

Dimensions:  The logsheet roller is approximately two inches in length. The nano charm is approximately 3/4 inch x 1/2 inch.


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