Geocaching Travel Bug®️ Static Cling- Small

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Instantly make any window trackable with this Static Cling Travel Bug®!

Get discovered at home or out on the road! 

This three inch bug clings to the inside of your window with a unique tracking code that can be discovered at! 


Please note that these static clings may not show through darker windows.

These are clings, not stickers, and are designed to be placed on the inside of a window facing out. They generally will be only for one use, as they may not reattach once used. 

Dimensions:  Overall: 1.75 inches x 3.75 inches.

The actual Travel Bug is approximately 1.5 inches x 3 inches.

These are trackable at with a Travel Bug® icon.  To learn more about the Geocaching Travel Bugs® click here.

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