The Premium Member Collection: Key Ring Space Pen®- Silver

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In 2000, was started as a hobby site with 75 geocaches. Today there are over 3 million geocaches placed worldwide. Since the early days of geocaching, Premium Members have played a crucial role in promoting and supporting both geocaching and Geocaching HQ's efforts to grow, innovate and adapt this amazing game.

Premium Members take a lot of pride in what they do for the game, and we get many requests to help them to show that pride!

The Premium Member Collection is a set of great products that you can send traveling, show off at events or brag about to your geocaching friends and Muggles alike. Be proud of your premium with the Premium Member Collection!
This Fisher Space Pen® features the PR4 ink cartridge with Black Ink and a Medium Point. It is great for lanyards with it's attached key ring and break away design. The outer finish is an Anodized Aluminum with a silver finish and features the official Geocaching Premium Member Icon.

With Space Pen® technology, this pen can hang upside down forever yet function immediately when needed. Perfect for logging caches in any weather conditions, the sealed, pressurized ink cartridge writes underwater, upside down, at any angle and in temperatures from -30 degrees C to 121 degrees C. It lasts 3 times longer than the average pen, is environmentally friendly, unconditionally guaranteed and made in the USA.

Dimensions: Approximately 5.41 inches when open, and 3.92 inches when closed.
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