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Snag the Tag Hider Packet (Low)- SOLD OUT!

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This item has sold out. 

These items are only for those participating in the Shop Geocaching Signal the Frog® Goes High and Low Snag the Tag game.

Get ready to send Signal on more big adventures! 

We have teamed up with our friends at Snag the Tag for a special Shop Geocaching game where Signal goes as high as Mars, and as low as the extreme depths of the ocean! 

Here is how to be a Hider: 

  • Purchase a Hider packet (high packets and low packets are sold separately).
  • Check out the High and Low page on to see the rules and register to play.
  • Keep this amazing geocoin and one matching tag (the one with the lowest number).
  • Hide the other two tags.
  • Submit your hides to Snag the Tag. 
  • Snag the Tag will then publish the location of your tags so Finders can go find them! 
  • Finders will use the code on the back of the tag to get instructions to be able to get the geocoin as a fun prize! 



Please note: Items are not yours until purchase is complete (not when items are in cart).

We are selling these to those who will be placing the tags in the U.S.  To see a list of all participating retailers (including those outside the U.S.), click here.

The hidden tags will start to be published on November 19th, and all of the geocoins must be claimed by January 24th, 2022. 

Each hider pack includes the following: 

  • One full size geocoin to keep. 
  • One Signal High tag to keep (lowest number).
  • Two Signal High tags for you to hide.

Register your pack at Snag the Tag using the code on the package. 

The geocoins are trackable at  The Tags have a unique code that is to be used at to claim the free prize. 


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