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2022 Loaded TOTT Stocking

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These items are sold out for the season. 

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These stockings are so practical, it has been said that Santa himself carries one on his sleigh! It has hooks, MOLLE attachments, a pocket, and all kinds of places to attach all your TOTT's.

To make it even more special, we have included some geocaching items that will make it not only ready to hang by the fire with care, but quite possibly the best gift of the year!

These tactical stockings are loaded with the following items: 

  • Green Tactical Stocking (approximately 17 inches top to bottom) 
  • Geocaching Logo Velcro Patch
  • Magnetic Retriever Tool
  • Magnigrip Tweezer
  • Triple Function Pen
  • Lumo Clip Light (assorted colors)
  • 10-in1 Wanderlust Multi-Tool

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