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Rechargeable Hand Warmer/Power Bank

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Keep your hands warm and your devices charged, with this handy TOTT! 

For those who hit the geocaching trail, but don't want to sign the logbook in your mittens, we have the device for you! 

From our friends at THAW comes these USB-C rechargeable hand warmers, that also can be used as a power bank!  Get up to 10 hours of hand warmth, or 5200 mAh of recharging power! 


Included in the package:

  • 1 small Rechargeable 5200 mAh hand warmer/charger with lanyard.
  • 1 USB-C charging cable and adapter.

Dimensions:  Approximately 3.89 high x 2.17 wide x 1.18 deep. 


  • High (60⁰ C / 140⁰ F): 5 Hours
  • Medium (53⁰ C / 127⁰ F): 7 Hours
  • Low (46⁰ C / 114⁰ F): 10 Hours

WARNING: Do not submerge in water. Keep out of reach of children and babies. 

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